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At Dumas Family Financial Center we are community people you know.

Located in a rural farming community with a population of a little over 8,000, Dalhart Federal was chartered September 18, 1934. The philosophy of the founding members of the Association was to accumulate money to be loaned locally, incorporating a Neighbors Helping Neighbors way of life in the community that it serves. This would enable the borrower to have the home of their dreams and the loan would be maintained by us.

Today, Dalhart Federal has much the same philosophy; we aim to provide full financial services to meet the needs of families in the 21st century. It is our vision that the Association be a recognized leader in our area, supporting the communities in our trade territories, providing full financial services for those communities and emphasize homeownership.

Dalhart Federal is not a mortgage banker, we feel that if a loan is worth making, it is worth keeping. We do not sell our loans and they are all serviced locally. We offer complete financial services to help the customer with all of their financial needs.
202 E. 7th Ave., Dumas, 79029, Texas,
(806) 935-7161
Ronnie Welch

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