Dumas' history can be traced back to the late 1800s. The town's namesake, Louis Dumas, began to develop the townsite, which was surveyed and platted on April 22, 1891.

That same year, the first store, a general store, was built in 1891 by J .F. Patterson. The first post office also appeared in 1891...

cowboy sunset brady crossland002Car registration began in Moore County in 1908 and in August of 1909 an agreement was signed to build a railroad. The railroad finally came in 1931 when the first train puffed into town.

Moore County 's population remained static from 1910 to 1920. Then the oil and gas boom happened. School enrollment jumped and the population grew.

The city purchased its first fire truck in 1945 and the water and sewer system construction began in 1946.

Though there were times when the population was little or none, Dumas survived and has continued to grow over the years. In 1990, Dumas had a population of 12,871. That number grew to 13,747 in 2000.

The city, which is the county seat, has many parks and an aquatic park. One city park, Texoma Park, offers free overnight RV parking. You may contact the City of Dumas at 935-4101 to learn more about this opportunity.

Also adding to the quality of life are a community building, a museum, a public library, an eight campus public school system (which includes one campus in nearby Cactus, Cactus Elementary), a college campus, a senior citizen 's center and numerous churches of various faiths. The city 's diversity in business and industry reflects that of the almost 15,000 people who call Dumas home today.