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1. The Moore County News*Press is the chronicle of life in Dumas and all of Moore county. Our objective is to provide quality service to: Our readers; Individual and corporate advertisers; Civic groups, schools, churches and all others who use our newspaper as a source of publicity; and Printing Customer

2. The golden rule by which we operate is this: We strive to give our clients the type of service we would like to receive.

3. We do not profess to be perfect. We will, occasionally, make mistakes, although we will strive constantly to eliminate them. We understand that the way in which we handle complaints from our readers and advertisers is often more important than whatever error we may have committed. If there is some question as to the way in which a dispute between the newspaper and a client is to be resolved, we will try to err on the side of the client.

4. We strive to practice "refrigerator journalism". We want people clipping items out of our newspaper for scrapbooks. The more names and faces in each issue of The News*Press the better!
5. At the same time, we will not shy away from the tough issues which face our community. We will strive to uncover those stories which our readers expect to readóand need to readóin order to be fully informed about their community.

6.The primary emphasis of our newspaper is local: Dumas, Sunray, Cactus, Etter and Moore county.

7. Our editorial page will service as the public forum for our community. At least one editorial weekly will have local focus. One column weekly will be written locally. Our letters to the editor column will be open to all and we will do whatever we can to ensure that all letters written to us are published in The Moore County News*Press. On the editorial page, we will point out what is bad and wrong with equal fervor, along with possible solutions to correct those problems we identify. We will actively campaign to make Moore county a better place to live.

8. Above all, our aim is to "get it into the paper". If an item interests our readers, it interests us.
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